Beauty Trends to try this Winter

Just like fashion , there is a continuous re-invention of beauty looks and products. And for some reason, I am more obsessed with what goes on my face, than the clothes I wear.

We are in a time of contour, highlight and ever evolving beauty technology. We have tempreture changing nail polish, mattefying lipsticks, holographic highlight and micellar water- the lists go on.

While Insta stalking and spending what seems like a complete day on Pinterest, I’ve noticed a contrast in seasons vs. trends. Winter beauty trends seem to be all about soft hues and clean, moisturized natural skin, whereas summer will show off bright and bold colours with a heavy textures and makeup so good, you’d never want to wash it off.

So, let me take you through the big trends showing off this winter…

No makeup, makeup

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Natural skin is in. Whether you fake it with minimal makeup or you just have super amazing skin, this is definitely a trend to try. Remember, your skin is an organ and just as you would eat and drink the right things to take care of your heart, kidneys & liver – your skin needs just as much protein, calcium, healthy fats and an access amount of hydration.

Use a tinted moisturizer or concealer for a smooth finish, with a little brow gel and lip stain for an enhanced look.

Brows on Fleek 

Pinterest Alex Kubasta via Phoenix Cosmetics

Brows are so important, and I thank God that my mom never introduced me to a tweezer. Brows create a distinct aesthetic for your eyes and frame your face. Full, thick brows have become a must-have in ones beauty regime, so much so, that brow products have become just as important as sunscreen – I know, crazy right?!

The beauty industry has taken it a little further with microblading and tattooing your eyebrows – permanently. The point is to create a natural looking brow, so if you do still have hair on your brows, just purchase a brow gel and liner and fill in the gaps – don’t draw them or colour in – ‘natural’ is the look you’re going for.

Gloss me up!

Pinterest via PV hair & makeup (Petr Vaekar)

For all the 90’s kids in us, lipgloss was the coolest makeup product to have. We’d smear the clear, sticky stuff across our lips and pout with pride. Fast forward -20 years and it’s back, making way to our eyelids.

The trend of glossy lids came about 2 seasons ago, paired with a dewy skin and minimal makeup. A great way to elevate the look for winter, is to first apply a deep eyeshadow like emerald green or turquoise to your lids and carefully paint the gloss over for a shiny effect.


Pinterest by $Hayla

Highlighter has become an obsession of the beauty industry, so much so that it’s addictive – á la Huda Kattan, the beauty Goddess!

Highlighting the focal points of your face like; your cheekbones, brow bone, the tip of your nose and just a touch on the bow of your lip, is where you would generally apply it. Taking it down to your collar bone and your shoulders just adds more definition to your structure.

Try this trend on it’s own, with minimal makeup and you’ll make a statement in the cold winter days.

Smudged and Smokey 

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Also a 90’s trend, the grunge eyeliner is back with a more lived in effect. Creating a dark, smokey eye adds a mysterious look and puts focus on your eyes.

Use a kohl eyeliner that can smudge easily and blend around your eye. Try this look with minimal makeup such as foundation and natural brows to make it stand out more. For a trendier look, try using a colour kohl pencil like burgandy, brown or green.


Clean skin, bold brows, highlight and glow, glossy lids or lived in eyeliner – whichever you decide, these are the top beauty trends to try this winter. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’re trying it.





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