Food for Beauty

Happy Friday all πŸ™‚ Today on TFB, I’m shaking things up a bit.

Let’s talk about a diet for pretty skin – yes!

Nowadays, having your beauty table stocked with all the new & wonderful cosmetic and skin care products, makes you seem like you’ve got the beauty game down. However, understanding what makes good skin – good, comes from within and ofcourse difficult sacrifice of your favourite foods and drinks :(. While indulging now and then may be okay, sticking to a “diet’ filled with nutrition and vitamins can help your skin glow from the inside – out.

Here are my go-to foods for glowing, blemish-free skin.



Not everyone’s favourite, but it certainly has the best of all the good fats out there. Rich in monosaturated fatty acids which hydrates, lowering the signsof ageing and sheilds against any harsh rays.



Eggs can be a little gross when not cooked properly, but they have major benefits for your skin and hair. Full of vitamin B, eggs (especially the yolk) protects your skin from dryness and helps your hair grow.



Now I know many don’t eat salmon because it’s mostly eaten raw, but let me just explain the amazing-ness that comes with eating salmon. It contains the over praised omega 3 vitamin that is usually only found in fish. It promotes healthy skin and the protection for cell memnranes for firmer skin. It’s a major benefit for overall health.



Tomatoes are delicious raw or cooked, however the most beneficial way is to have it cooked. When cooked, tomatoes lycopene levels rise eliminating free radicals which protect you skin against UV rays and sunburn. So tomato up the next time you chill out at the pool or hit the beach.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is the newest craze for your skin – so much so – cosmetic and skin care brands have added the super vitamin to their products. It’s essential for formation and growth of the skin and muscle tissue, helping build collagen – the key to younger skin.

Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and veggies like oranges, chillies, and peppers.

Nuts – Almonds


Nuts are an essential good fat we need to fuel our  bodies with for energy. Almonds however, are the best of the nut family. It’s filled with Vitamin E – the holygrail for repairing scarred tissue or cells. It is also the best source of dairy-free calcium.



Yes, Popeye was right is munching down a can of spinach each time he needed to save Olive. Spinach contains high levels of the vitamin folate. An important source of Vitamin B helping maintain & repair DNA cells which in turn also prevents cancer. Spinach also contains iron which is a great source for the developing of red blood cells.




There’s always been a rage around greentea. What do you ask is soooo special about this tea? Well, green tea contains catechins – an antioxidant proven as an anti-inflammatory. It helps with digestion, and has fat burning properties that help you lose wight. It just makes everything function better and with that comes soft, glowy skin.



Coconut oil and water


The coconut was once a very under-rated fruit and now, it’s basically the only thing to cure anything with. Coconut water is filled with potassium and electrolytes that help replenish and hydrate the body and skin. It flushes out any bad acids, while the coconut oil is good for your gut. It contains antimicrobial & caprylic acid that destroys bacteria. It’s also made up of a fungus called Candida, which decreases stomach acid and reduces bloat.


And that’s it from me.




Disclaimer: all images are sourced from various sites on the internet. If they are referenced incorrectly and you would like me to remove or correct the error, please email me. Thank you 

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