Winter Skincare Transition

Yes, there’s such a thing as transitioning your skincare routine. With so many skincare products on the market these days, you have to know what your skin needs before it tells you with breakouts, dry patches or pigmentation. This is especially true with a South African climate when we sometimes have 3 different seasons in one day.

While most products produced today, guide your choice by oily, combination and dry skin titles – not all skin types remain the same throughout the year. As the seasons change, so does your skin needs and therefore you have to treat it accordingly.

Summer routines may need lighter, gel based product formulas whereas, winter routines need a thicker, cream based product selection for extra nourishment and moisture. Remember, this all depends of your skins needs and everyone is different…

For an insight to my summer moisturizing routine click here – 

This is my skincare winter routine:

My skin is never one type – it’s a switch between oily and combination however, during the winter my skin tends to be more dry than any other time of the year.


When it comes to cleansing, I try cleanse twice a day if not, I turn to my micellar water that works amazingly – especially for the mornings when you face is already clean from the night before, but just needs a fresh feeling.

I usually cleanse with a gel based cleanser for oily to combination skin – the Garnier Even Matte gentle clarifying wash. Sometimes it’s difficult to find cleansers that don’t strip away your natural oils – so in that case I always over-moisturize to replenish what gets lost. But this has been a great cream based cleanser lately

Garnier softening cleansing lotion – R64.95 @Dischem 

During winter, I double cleanse. This means, I use my normal cleanser to wash and rid the skin of dirt and bacteria, and then I turn to an oil cleanser which cleans as well as moisturizes. Lipidol is a-mazing! After rinsing, my skin doesn’t feel dry but rather soft.

download (1)
Lipidol cleansing face oil – R89.95 @Clicks 


Moisturizing is always super important. I have learned to moisturize with many steps and it has done wonders for my skin. During winter however, I use oils for extra nourishment.

First is toning. I love my micellar water but I have found a beauty in rose water. It’s natural and has been around for years, and mixed with glycerine it adds an extra glow.

Rose water & glycerine – R28.95 @Dischem 

After toning, a serum is especially important. A serum seeps deep within the skin and repairs any underlying damage – like a vitamin c or oil serum. Right now I’m using the Body Shop’s Oils of Life facial oil and it’s the best thing I’ve ever tried. My skin soaks it up well and it doesn’t leave any oily residue.

The Body Shop Oils of Life facial oil – R290.00 @clicks

I then add a moisturizer and I’ve said before that I use a thicker cream at night. During winter, I use the same day & night cream just to keep my skins moisture even. I try avoiding moisturizers for a certain skin type, but it’s almost unaviodable these days. Ganier is my go-to brand – it works for my skin and is super affordable – so I use the hydra match moisturizer which is for dry skin but it just means it has an extra nourishing formula, which is even better for winter time when the air is much drier.

download (2)
Garnier Hydra match moisturiser – R90.95 @clicks 

Tip: Always mask

Masks have become more popular over the years, especially since Korean skincare has made it’s way to the West. For me, I’ve been DIY-ing it since forever but I’ve found love in pampering my skin with ultra rich products like the L’oreal pure clay masks. It’s so gentle while also incredibly purifying. The glowmask brightens and exfoliates, keeping my skin soft and supple.

download (3)
L’oreal Pure clay glow mask – R149.95 @clicks

Well, there you have it. A way to transition your skincare routine for winter and also some of my favourite products.



Disclaimer: All images are sourced from various sites on the internet. If any images are incorrectly reference or credited, please let me know if you’d like me to correct/remove them. Thank you. 

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