Get to know Me!

In honour of my 25th birthday, I’ve decided to do a post of 25 things ‘About Me’ πŸ™‚


I love my birthday time and I feel like sharing, so here it goes:

1. I am a Cancerian, my birthday is 26th June πŸ™‚ I don’t take astrology too seriously but I do find some truth in personalities that are born under a certain time of year.

2. I am extremely intuitive. I can read people very well and am always right when I have strong feelings about someone or a situation – good or bad.

3. I am the eldest of 2 in my family. I have a younger sister who I adore.


4. I have a BA degree in Commercial Fashion from Lisof. I have knowledge of the fashion industry from Fashion buying to Media studies. People often think it’s not a real career path but that’s all I see, it’s my passion.


5. I am super friendly but often come across as unapproachable – RBF problem

6. I love being blonde. It is a personal choice. I feel like myself – it’s weird, I know

7. I have two Rottweilers πŸ™‚ They are like my babies. Duchess and Zeus


8. I have been dating my (first & only) boyfriend for 10 years now – yeah I know I was 15 – so that makes him my best friend too


9. I am a short girl – 1.57m and love wearing high heels because of it

10. I believe in ghosts and spirits that have not moved on. This probably leads back to my intuition.

11. I have travelled to 9 different countries so far – UK, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Dubai, Madagascar and Mozambique. I woud love to travel more.


12. I am more right brained dominant. Creative, innovative and often super random.

13. I have 1 tattoo – “Love . Always . Hopes” matching with my boyfriend.

14. I am in love with food. I have a palate for spicy and savoury foods, eating sweet things once in a while.

15. And with that said – I am a great cook. I can use the simplest ingredients and create a tasty meal or snack.


16. I am my mom’s twin. She and I look exactly the same and people often mistaken me for her.


17. Since I am fashion and beauty orientated, my aspirations are within that area. I love the magazine industry and compiling interesting information into one package.

18. My biggest accomplishment to date was having editorial content published for Marie Claire magazine. πŸ™‚


19. I was born a Catholic – however have taken the time to learn and appreciate other religions and now consider myself Omnist – believing in God no matter how he is prayed to.

20. I am a lover of sleep. I can sleep more than 10 hours a day.

21. I am obsessed with farm animals – goats, cows, lambs, pigs – especially the baby animals. I would own an animal farm if I could and just love them forever.

22. My pet peeves include arrogance and obnoxios attitudes in people.

23. I love by the quote “treat people how you would want to be treated” – it just is kinder.

24. I always need pretty nails, clean skin and well done hair. It just shows that you take care of yourself and I find it respectful to be neat.


25. Lastly, I am always smiling, always willing to help and love to be surrounded by the people who mean the most to me.






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