Food for Beauty

Happy Friday all 🙂 Today on TFB, I'm shaking things up a bit. Let's talk about a diet for pretty skin - yes! Nowadays, having your beauty table stocked with all the new & wonderful cosmetic and skin care products, makes you seem like you've got the beauty game down. However, understanding what makes good skin... Continue Reading →

The Bold & Best Beauty Looks @ the Met Gala

The 2017 Met Gala exhibited Rei Kawakubo/ Comme des Garcon: Art of the in-between and brought out the best of the stars in the most avant garde creations you'd ever seen. If you haven't as yet, check out my last blog post and see what the MET gala is all about: While the fashion was... Continue Reading →

Fashion Obsessed @ the MET Gala

So the MET gala took place last night (1st May, 2017), and for fashion people this may be the biggest night in the industry - even more than the Oscars. For those who aren't that much into fashion - let me break it down for you. The Met Gala was formerly known as the Costume... Continue Reading →

The Girl in a Vintage Dress

My love for fashion & beauty goes beyond just clothes and looking pretty. It's about using those things to create looks and being able to show different sides of your personality. That is exactly what I did with this look - showing a little bit of history with a dress and adding a modern touch... Continue Reading →

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